The “Vegas Or Bust” promotion is yet another great opportunity for you to play in the Bar Poker Open  National Championship in Las Vegas. The promotion runs from September 1st through April 30th.

Each month during the promotion period, we will host a tournament that will award a direct entry into the Bar Poker Open National Championship. It’s a winner take all format. It’s literally Vegas Or Bust!

At the end of the 8-month series, there will be a Vegas Or Bust Championship Event. Only the players who have won a monthly Vegas Or Bust event will be invited to play. The winner of that event will be crowned Vegas Or Bust Grand Champion and will be awarded a Vegas travel package (hotel & travel).

How to Qualify

  • To qualify, players must have finished in the Top 20% of any regular nightly DPL event during the previous calendar month.
  • Once a player wins a Vegas Or Bust event, he/she will be ineligible to participate in another monthly event.

Starting Stacks

  • The base starting stack is 10,000 chips.
  • Each Top 1st place finish will be worth an additional 1,500 chips
  • Each 2nd place finish will be worth an additional 1,000 chips
  • Each 3rd place finish will be worth an additional 500 chips
  • ​Each Top 20% finish outside of the Top 3 will be worth 100 additional chips


  • 1st Place: Bar Poker Open $200,000 National Championship Seat + Invite to Vegas Or Bust Championship
  • Top 3: Virtual Token for BPO Championship Online Qualifier
  • Top 20% (except 1st Place) invite to Vegas Or Bust 2nd Chance Tournament

* Bar Poker Open Championship Invitation

  • Player is invited to participate in a Bar Poker Open Championship event by paying the full buy-in to DeepStacks Poker League, and DeepStacks Poker League will purchase the seat in the players’s name.