What is the DeepStacks Season Championship?

  • The DeepStacks Season Championship (DSC) is held at the end of each 4-month season. Top players, as ranked on combined league & and individual venue leaderboards are invited to compete for cash, prizes and the title of DeepStacks Season Champion.

When are the Seasons?

  • ​Season 15: September 1st – December 31st


  • Leaderboards rank players by tracking points earned at DeepStacks Poker League tournaments.
  • There are two type of leaderboards
    • League Combined Leaderboard – Ranks players based on all points a player has earned at any venue
    • Venue Leaderboard – Ranks players based on all points earned at a particular venue

How Do I Qualify?

  • League Combined Leaderboard – Be ranked in the Top 50
  • Venue Leaderboard – Venues that hosts 1 game per week will qualify it’s Top 5 ranked players. ​Venues that hosts 2 games per week will qualify it’s Top 10 ranked players

What Are The Prizes?

  • 1st – $500+ DeepStacks Poker League .999 Fine Silver Coin
  • 2nd – $300
  • 3rd – $200
  • 1st – 8th – Bar Poker Open Championship Invite

    *To qualify via a venue leaderboard,
    venues hosting one night per week must hosts 6 tournaments during the season
    venues hosting two nights per week must hosts 12 tournaments during the season